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Alumni - Кафедра фінансів НаУКМА
Україна, 04655, м. Київ, вул. Г. Сковороди, 2 корпус 6, кім. 410, тел.(044)425-60-42, 425-77-37 (факс)

Horizon Capital, Financial analyst

Роман Черепаха

Sponsor of the self-development projects for students, active faculty events participant, takes part in meetings with students and helps in conducting workshops on the course " Financial Markets ".

Roman: Studying at NaUKMA has formed my worldview and character. System of the subjects, ability of the courses free choice, modern approach to education have led my education and career to success. 

Scottish & Southern Energy (United Kindom), Energy analyst

Поліна Харченко

Polina: Looking at my years in NaUKMA I see, that the most valuable experience I got from the communication with our teachers and students. The greatest influence on me had Academy itself, with its worldview, world perception and values.

International media agency Vizeum, Strategic Director

Ксенія Калашник

Active participant and coordinator of student projects, jury member of competitions and tournaments, guest lecturer and organizer of workshops.

Ksenia: I am brand-advocate of the Kyiv-Mohyla academy. I am always glad to share the experience and speak about advantages of our University.

State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health, Advisor of the First Deputy General Director (previously Administration of the President of Ukraine, chief consultant for social policy)

Дмитро Богдан

Active participant and coordinator of the student projects, jury member of the competitions and tournaments, conferences participant and guest lecturer.

Dmytro: Finance department at NaUKMA is the leading institute for financial analysts’ preparation. Students receive modern knowledge and practical skills needed for the job. A significant advantage is the possibility of the courses free choice. In addition to the required financial core courses, I could choose the subjects of free choice such as certificate program in PR, law course or psychology course. This allows you to create an educated person with a broad outlook and consciousness.

Ernst & Young, Associate director

Олександр Романишин

One of the organizers of the free educational program “EY University”, created for professional students’ preparation, exclusive assimilation of knowledge and practical discussion with the company about EY key professional trends.

Department of Finacne, Senior Lecturer

Boyle Software Inc., Senior development consultant

Василь Жук

Teacher of the courses «Dynamic systems modelling» and «Financial modelling», responsible for the development of online documentary system in the PhD school at NaUKMA.

Vasyl: Being the part of the first alumni from finance department is a great honor for me. It is real pleasure to watch the finance program becoming more professional and giving education to universal, initiative specialists. They know what to do and when to do, and do not wait for the orders. They create things and make innovations. They create our future.

Department of Finance, Senior Lecturer

Марія Сидорович

Teacher of the course “Municipal Finance” at the Finance Department, main coordinator of the CFA Institute in the University recognition program at NaUKMA, moderator at the strategy planning group NaUKMA-2025.

Maria: Education at the Kyiv-Mohyla academy for me is communication with interesting people, free courses choice and mix of events and lectures that open new perspectives. NaUKMA is the place where you always want to come.