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Useful Information - Кафедра фінансів НаУКМА
Україна, 04655, м. Київ, вул. Г. Сковороди, 2 корпус 6, кім. 410, тел.(044)425-60-42, 425-77-37 (факс)

International Cooperation at the PhD level

 June 6-9 head of the Finance Department Iryna Lukianenko with other professors participated in business meeting in scopes of the project “Structuring Cooperationin Doctoral Research, Transferrable Skills Training, and Academic Writing instruction in Ukraine‘s regions” (DocHub) in scopes of the Erasmus+ which was held in Lyon.

Useful Information

I. National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” International Office: http://www.dfc.ukma.kiev.ua

ІІ. Grants and Programs you can find here:

1. Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education - Nuffic

The Nuffic motto is “Knowledge combining worldwide”. Since the foundation in 1952, all work of the organization is dedicated to this goal. In the Nuffic base you can find 1560 international education programs. Moreover, 1543 of these programs, including short term study workshops for bachelors and masters preparation are taught in English.

More information: https://www.epnuffic.nl/en

2. International Visegrad Fund

International Visegrad Fund allocates funds to general culture, scientific, research and educational projects, youth exchange, tourism development, and border cooperation. The majority of the grants recipients are non-governmental organizations, municipalities and local governments, Universities, schools, other governmental institutions, and individuals. Fund also provides scholarships for gifted young people. The Master program financed by the Fund is especially popular.

More information: http://visegradfund.org

3. Vilnius University Faculty of Economics

Faculty has a great experience in teaching international students, because each year accepts a lot of bilateral students, who are able to study more than 20 courses in English or in other foreign language. Faculty proposes to the foreign student an education on Bachelor and Master programs, summer courses and schools.

More information: http://www.ef.vu.lt/en/index.php

4. Central European University

Central European University (CEU) is English research University, which is situated in Budapest (Hungary). CEU proposes programs in the sphere of business, economics, and math. Students from 100 countries study here. More than 80 % of students receive financial support and scholarships.  

More information: http://www.ceu.hu

5. Summer Swedish Institute

Swedish Institute is a state institution, which provides more than 500 scholarships annually for students and researchers, who go to Sweden to reach their goals in Swedish Institute. Diverse educational programs in different spheres are proposed for you here.

More information: http://www.studyinsweden.se/Scholarships

6. UniCredit Bank and University Fund gives opportunities to the young European economists to realise their potential through the funding of their current investigations.

More information: http://unicreditanduniversities.eu/index.php/en/home.html